You know the Self, by nature one without end. [Ashtavakra gita 3.1]


Yoga Classes

Just beginning your yoga journey or you want to deepen your practice?

I specialize in an individual approach with the goal to develop your personal practice and experience the benefits of yoga. Come on an exploration course of classical yoga methods and reconnect to your inner Self.

Move - Asana

\ a·​sa·​na \

:body posture :seat

The goal of practicing asanas is to achieve a deeper connection that regenerates and heals the body. You will find that the side effects of asana practice are increased energy levels, increased focus and gradual dissolution of accumulated daily stress.

My teaching method is based on Dharma Yoga dynamic vinyasa sequences as well as on a slow and meditative Charging Practices, progressing from gentle to advanced and tailored to meet your specific needs.

Alongside with body postures the classes are complemented with breathing and cleansing techniques (pranayama and kriya), progressive relaxation and guided meditations to provide for a complete yogic experience.

Start today with classes tailored to your specific needs under the guidance of an experienced yoga teacher. 

*Single sessions and tailored packages are available via Zoom. Contact me for availability and pricing.


Breathe - Pranayama

pra·​na \

:life energy that permeates the entire universe :breath


ya·​ma \

:restraint :control


Pranayama practices are yogic breathing techniques for controlling the life energy – prana. The fourth limb of Ashtanga yoga system focuses on connection of breath, life energy and consciousness. Explore the inner workings of your breath, raise your energy and bring calmness to the mind, preparing it for the practice of meditation. Individual approach includes theoretical background to all the techniques as well as guided daily practice of pranayama, finishing off with a guided meditation.  

Pranayama immersion cycles are tailored to your specific needs and conditions. Contact me for more details and bookings.

*Single sessions and tailored packages are available via Zoom. Contact me for availability and pricing.

Immerse - Yoga Nidra

/ ni·dra ​/


Yogic sleep or yoga nidra is a guided progressive relaxation method that allows the entire body to relax and regenerate in just under an hour.

Disconnect form the mind-body complex and enjoy the serene fullness of your existence. Nidra is a restorative technique that optimally utilizes your inherent body intelligence to fulfil your current needs. Immerse in the Self under the supervision of a qualified yoga teacher. 

This method does not require previous yogic experience and is suitable for practitioners of all levels.


*On-demand sessions available via Zoom

Contact me for more details, availability and pricing.


About Me

\ one·​ness \

: the quality or state of being one, such as



In its definition oneness is a synonym of yoga which translated from Sanskrit means ‘union’ or ‘to join’. A wise teacher once told me that a sign of enlightenment is to see sameness in everything. Declaration of oneness is a fake-it-till-you-make-it approach on that.


As long-time spiritual seeker, after threading for over 15 years on a personal transformation path, I have discovered Dharma yoga practice in 2017. With a strong belief in cultivating personal experience, I’ve followed my heart to New York where I had the privilege to study under the guidance of a great living yogi, Sri Dharma Mittra.

My teachings are rooted in a classical yoga method and include a dynamic vinyasa system (body postures), pranayama (breathing methods), nidra (yogic sleep) and meditation techniques underlined by non-dual Vedantic philosophy. I have shared this knowledge in classes, workshops and one-on-one format around Europe, North America and South East Asia.


I’m grateful for this opportunity to share some of those teachings with you for the benefit of all living beings. Om Tat Sat!


Miroslav Lesjak


Miroslav Lesjak



TT 200h Multistyle Vinyasa, Divya Yoga Zagreb, Croatia

TT 500h Life of a Yogi, Dharma Yoga, New York

TT 700h Life of a Yogi, Dharma Yoga, New York

TT 1000h Life of a Yogi, Dharma Yoga, New York*

TT 50h Life of a Yogi, Dharma Yoga, New York

*(ongoing, in training) 


Be - Meditation

/ dhya·na /

: meditation :continuous flow of attention

Meditation has always been a central yogic practice as it alone ultimately leads to the goal of yoga  – union with the universal Self.

Meditation practice creates a space needed for integration of your life experiences and through constant practice it unfolds into the full experience of your true nature.  

This program is designed to cultivate a personal practice of meditation, finding quietness of the mind, experiencing the clear space of awareness and connect to your true inner Self.

You will be guided to find a meditation style that suits you the best based on your current conditioning. The individual approach also includes a philosophical background to meditative practices.

Start with you guided daily practice and witness gradual dissolution of preconceptions that have been hampering your true potential.


*Single sessions and tailored packages are available via Zoom. Contact me for availability and pricing.

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